VS COR Wheel Pro

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VS COR Wheel Pro VS COR - CORNER CABINETS Vauth Sagel  Brand Partner


When it comes to kitchen corners, the more accessible storage space, the better. That's why this corner cabinet solution has no central, space-consuming standpipe, which gives you up to 20 percent more storage area - ideal for bulky kitchenware. The bases are held stable by a traverse running crosswise through the cabinet. This functionality can also be used for under-sink cabinets, and the hidden mechanism also supports the aesthetic impression.

  • Cabinet widths: 900x900mm
  • Side installation depth: min. 490mm
  • EasyFit: toolless assembly of shelf elements on the support arms
  • Height-adjustable base positioning, independently of cabinet heights
  • Can be installed in base cabinets, tall cabinets and top cabinets
  • Can be retrofit into an installed kitchen
  • Load capacity: max. 27.5 kg per shelf
  • Storage versions: Rail Chrome and Planero Lava Grey

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